Thursday, July 5, 2012

Elen Never Sleeps

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of writing up on the work of solo artist Elen Never Sleeps, who had just released a single.  A few months down the road and we now have his debut EP, Open Air Dance.  The release is still synonymous with the single, utilizing all of the beautiful dreaminess that made him so great in the first place, but this time he has extended his material, which includes experimenting with new complexities within his writing.  Also, Open Air Dance manages to carry a similar theme throughout the play, which I interpreted as "fresh starts".  Each melody and riff seems to symbolize the idea of breaking free and starting anew, especially in "Open Air Dance", where he states he "clearly needs to go somewhere else" before singing his "Open Air Dance" chorus, where he also mentions that he's just "floating around".  The guitar lines also hover right above the backing synths, creating a wonderfully ethereal drive.  "Open Air Dance" also happens to be my favorite song on the EP, so I've thrown that below for all of you interested.  And I have good news!  He offers the whole thing for free here at his Bandcamp.  Pick it up!

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