Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Elen Never Sleeps

The growth of new technologies has opened up so many doors for blooming musicians; it never ceases to amaze me what people are able to create within their bedrooms.  Add that with the glory of the internet, and you can send your music anywhere.  Hence is the case with Elen Never Sleeps, a solo project who recorded his whirling measures at home in Tokyo and delivered them right into my inbox.  Due to this, I have been exposed to his new "My Aquamarine/Spinning Wheel" single which he released on Bandcamp on January 6th.  Elen Never Sleeps is a good example of how not all chillwave sounds boring and monotonous, for he makes well-constructed, hazed out jams with a smooth finish.  For my first day of the semester, the sedated waves of synthy goodness eased the ominous blitz of work that is sure to come my way.  I've posted "My Aquamarine" below, so feel free to take a listen and head over to his Bandcamp for some delicious freebies.

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