Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day Joy

I love stumbling upon random finds.  The other day I was visiting Bandcamp to check out an album when I accidently clicked the "dream pop" tag at the bottom of the page.  What did I see on the newly loaded tab?  A moon, seemingly embedded between two mountains, with an elephant walking in front of it.  I noticed the contradiction of the band name, DAY Joy, with a strikingly large moon, a representation of night. Lured by the oddities in the cover art, curiosity took the best of me in terms of what they sounded like.  The result was utterly delightful; a two-song assemblage of indie-folk meets dreams pop complemented with a generous dosage of emotional guitar layering and restrained vocals hoping to erupt and be set free.  The tension developed in "Go To Sleep, Mess" is fantastic, and the breezier "New Ordinary" aids in balancing the strain.  The tracks create the 7" entitled New Ordinary, which is super fresh considering the December 25th release date last year.  It's also the first ever release by the Orlando duo of Michael Serrin and Peter Michael Perceval, aka Day Joy.  So congrats to them on the debut!  I very much look forward to their next pieces of work.  I've posted both songs from the single below, and if you like them you can always do the free download at their Bandcamp.  Enjoy!

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