Friday, January 27, 2012

Agent A

When I receive something in my inbox under the "experimental" category, there are moments when I worry.  For you see, experiments can go wrong. Yet I feel like it's high risk high reward, because when it's right it can be oohhhhhh sooo good. Space Junk by Agent A can be classified as such, a bedroom production that really, really rips. Cameron Scanlon, the man behind Agent A, cites influences such as John Maus and The Flaming Lips for Space Junk, and when you give it a listen it really shines through.  The heavy use of synthesizer speaks directly to Maus's modus operandi while the fun and creativity he has with them sustains the playful creativity of The Flaming Lips.  To put it simply there's just a lot of cool stuff on here with a ton of subtly addictive movements.  Like a lot of experimental musicians, it may take a listen or two to sink in, but once it does it fits very well.  I'm having so much trouble deciding which songs to post below, so I'll just throw three on there; "Slow Crush", "Karma Delight", and "The Light Shined To Space". Do with them what you will.  Download the album for free over at his Bandcamp.


  1. Hey man sweet music selection. Blake sent me here.. I just couldn't get it out of my head how blatantly this guy ripped off Of Montreal on "Karma Delight" hahah. Let me know what you think!