Monday, January 23, 2012

Foreign Orange

If the intent of an EP is to grab your attention, then Ghost Vibrations is a prime model to follow after. Located in Portland, Foreign Orange has made a well-crafted collection of energy-infused rock jams that range from disco to electronica to funk.  We even get a taste of 1960s classic soul with the closer "Losin' You Again".  All in all the release is incredibly playful, an exploration of how many sounds can be borrowed from a spectrum of genres to make something undeniably catchy and striking. From the moment the bass-fueled groove lands on opener "Day By Day Livin", it's difficult not let the whole thing play through.  So Foreign Orange, wherever you may be out there...attention grabbed. You can expect a full release coming out this spring, but for now he has graciously given us the Ghost Vibrations EP for free over at his Bandcamp, so be sure to hit that up before he changes his mind.  In the meantime, I have  two tracks "Day By Day Livin" and "In My Dream" posted below.  Enjoy!

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