Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yes Sir Idol

Throwing Yes Sir Idol's new song "Heavy Conscience" on headphones is quite an experience.  Starting off with a strong drum rhythm, the percussion simply pounds into your ears, piquing curiosity of where it could lead.  It's hard to know at the time, but the song will display a variety of moods, shifting in and out of rigid beats and celestial electronic tides.  It's an interesting play, and thoroughly unexpected, but the contrast between a darker, heavier beginning and a lighter, more polished chorus works well here.  As someone who grew up with a multitude of influences, including a fondness of pop, it's cool to see it all mix together in "Heavy Conscience".  The track comes as a single from the debut EP Two Heart Race, which Yes Sir Idol plans to release as a free download on February 6th.  I've posted the song below, but there is also some more music on his SoundCloud for listening.  For people more into the pop side of things, "By Your Side" is an absolute must listen.  Checcckkkk it!

 Heavy Conscience by Yes Sir Idol

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