Wednesday, January 18, 2012

D.B. Rouse

Hands down the best thing I've ever bought with my money was my first car; to say I loved it was an understatement.  I cherished and treasured that thing 'til the day it's suspension gave out and it's ass was dragging over the driveway. Even after I came to the dismal realization that it was no longer drivable, we'd still chill in it late at night, sometimes clearing it to smoke hookah.  Sighhhh, my 1994 Plymouth Acclaim sure was a beauty; parting with it was difficult.  This is why D.B. Rouse's lyrics in "Love Song To My First Car" speaks volumes to me: "It may have been a wreck of worn out rubber and steal, but the whole world just looked better from behind that steering wheel" he sings.  How true it is!  The whole reason I started working at 15 was to get a car by 16, it was a symbol of my new freedom.  Who cares how it looks?  It was my car.  While "Love Song To My First Car" is a fun little ditty, it's a fair representation of Rouse's ability to make honest, down-to-earth tunes, which is effective for his folk (and countryish) persona.  Thus, I suppose it's also appropriate that Rouse's new album And the Music Flowed, Like Blood From the Stereo was recorded, mixed, and mastered by himself in a toolshed on a horse ranch in Austin, TX.  It's rooted in pure Americana, and such is heard when listening to his new release.  Below is "Future In Flames", so feel free to take a listen.  You can download the song below, and if you want an early edition of the full album you can hit up Bandcamp for those goods.  Enjoy!

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