Thursday, January 12, 2012

Little Jungles

The British Columbian outfit Little Jungles started off the New Year right with the release of their first single off their forthcoming album I Would Kill For Some Sunlight.  On January 1st they dropped "Nothing Will Grow" on us, which is enough of a tease to get me anxious for the LP coming out in spring (shit...I have to wait that long?).  The track is a slow-burning lo-fi jam which resonates with a good dose of psychedelia, a sound which appears to mark a period of growth for the band.  Last year's album Wuts Goin Thru Yer Head was a fuzzier, more distorted assortment of noise rock impulses, even the cover art is messier and more chaotic.  This isn't bad to say the least, but the cleaner "Nothing Will Grow" simply seems to mark a new direction.  We can refer to the album cover once more, the art for the new song is wayyy simpler.  Whether this is merely a coincidence I'm not sure, but I'm pumped to see where the rest of the album leads and whether it remains consistent with the mellower, shimmering guitar lines of "Nothing Will Grow".  Either way, get excited for I Would Kill For Some Moonlight out this spring!  I know I am!

I've survived the Twitter world for 4 days now.  Whew, still going at it....

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