Friday, January 6, 2012


Admittedly I am not very knowledgeable on the music scene in Moscow, nonetheless the music scene as an entirety in Russia.  Be as it may, I'm pleased to see that the band Galway is shedding some light for me on some of the exploits going on there. After a few demos, the quartet released their first full-length Mria on January 1st via Bandcamp, another New Years gift dropped on us. It's an impressive compilation that combines a few genres like shoegaze (think Radio Dept.), dream pop (think Wild Nothing), and even balearic (think Air France) tendencies in order to form a beautiful haze of lush synths.  Besides this, Galway also does a great job at using catchy guitar lines to float over the fog, the combination of which is quite calming.  This is even true for the more upbeat "Justine", a fantastically written electro jam (and one that I've been listening to non-stop so far in 2012).  I've put two songs from Mria below, and if you dig it don't hesitate to jump over to the ever faithful Bandcamp and snag the whole thaaanngggg fo free.

 Justine by Galway

 While We Laughed by Galway

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