Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The War On Drugs

One day into Twitter and I'm loving what it can do.  Signing on today, I saw it circulating around the web that The War On Drugs was going to be releasing their "Come to the City" single from last year's Slave Ambient, which is due out January 24th.  But alas, the news keeps getting better! The B-side contains a brand new song, "Don't Fear the Ghost", which excites me considering how much I loved Slave Ambient.  The track has a different feel to it, though.  Part of what made last year's LP so incredible was the vastness it was able to create, a spacious folk-rock set that looks forward to the horizon...but "Don't Fear the Ghost" is a mellower, slow churning haze of distortion.  This seems to make it sound tighter, and not quite as open, as their previous work.  While it may appear to be a slight change of pace, the result is still fantastic.  These guys have truly become one of my favorites.  Take a listen to "Don't Fear the Ghost" below!

 The War on Drugs - Don't Fear the Ghost by DOJAGSC

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