Monday, October 3, 2011

The War on Drugs

The War on Drugs have proven themselves to be a group of fantastic songwriters.  On this year's Slave Ambient, they do a great job of mixing psychedelia with americana to create something so open and spacious.  Due to this, it feels like the perfect road-tripping music; it's hearty and based in classic roots rock, throw on any track and you're good to cruise.  Part of this is due to how widespread it sounds, each little accent carries it's importance in every sounds as big as the American heartland. All the tiny guitar twangs, harmonicas, and piano chords can be heard distinctly without becoming too loud and overwhelming.  Instead, they hide deeper in the song, becoming the aspects that secretly drive it forward.  The fact that there are so many clear, audible layers without too heavy of a feel allow for such an expanse. For example, the backing piano on "It's Your Destiny" about a minute a half into it is one of the best highlights of the album.  It may seem like a insignificant detail, but without it's addition the song would be way more bland.  This help gives it character, an ability demonstrated by the band throughout.  So for any fans of Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, or Wilco (perhaps a combination of all?), this is definitely worth a listen. Below I've posted "Brothers" as well as "It's Your Destiny" for your listening pleasure.


It's Your Destiny

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