Thursday, October 6, 2011

Skai Nine

Who doesn't love free music?  It's probably one of the greatest gifts there is, and it's always made better when it's actually good (and legal).  Sites like SoundCloud and Bandcamp are just full of it; you can browse for hours just sifting through the plethora of options, occasionally coming up with some great finds.  Skai Nine, an electronica group from Maryland, is one such band that I'm happy to have stumbled upon.  On October 4th, only two days ago, they released a new single which includes "Indigo" and "Pulse", both of which are instrumental bumpers...uptempo and incredibly catchy.  They label themselves as chillwave, and while this is partly true, it must be one of the dancier chillwave songs I've heard in awhile.  They certainly don't hold back from a strong, steady beat.  I've posted "Indigo" from their SoundCloud below, and if you dig it be sure to hit up their Bandcamp to get both songs completely free of charge.  Awesome.

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