Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Drew Smith

For some odd reason, the weather at my school decided to take a turn for the worse.  One day I'm running around in my tank top, and the next it's raining with a 20 degree drop in temperature.  It's time like these I resent biking to class, when I'd much rather stay indoors and avoid the cold, windy downpour.  That's where Drew Smith's "Love Teeth" comes into a play, his new single from his upcoming LP The Secret Languages.  It's a wonderful, slow-burning, introspective look into the complexion of relationships and the confusion involved.  "Come back to me to find that words have another way...come back, oh why'd you come back time and time again?" is asked while a wistful arrangement of strings and backing pianos carry Smith's higher-pitched vocals along beautifully.  The track uses those folk undertones much in the same way that Sun Kil Moon does with songs like "Carry Me Ohio", subdued country with a healthy dose of rock elements. Smith's voice is also reminiscent of Sun Kil Moon's lead singer Mark Kozelek, very relaxed and reflective, helping make "Love Teeth" a tranquil rainy-day piece.  For his upcoming album, an old student of his (Smith gave up teaching to pursue his passion for music) Sohee Jeon created a fantastic video to accompany the song, which can be viewed below.  So check out the song and animation, then be sure to head over to his Bandcamp and personal homepage to grab it!  Also, keep an eye out for The Secret Languages over the next few months.

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