Wednesday, October 19, 2011

King Krule

Earlier this month, King Krule (who used to go by the name of Zoo Kid) released a single from his upcoming EP, King Krule.  The song, which is going to be the closing track, is called "The Noose of Jah City", and it sounds surprisingly mature for Krule's age.  Archy Marshal, his real name, is only 17 years old.  I was surprised to hear this, not only because he sounds much older, but because his lyrics carry a deeper insight than I would expect from someone so young.  The song isn't a downer though, instead just reflective.  The slow backing drums and dreamy guitar echoes give a sense of mystery, and the song is simple enough to give Marshal's pensive vocals the spotlight.  Check out the SoundCloud below, and watch out for the EP coming your way November 8th.

King Krule- The Noose of Jah City

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