Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Jungle Giants

"Mr. Polite", The Jungle Giants' debut single, is further evidence of the great music coming out of Australia.  The jangley guitar rhythms, mixed with some elements of Vampire Weekend afrobeat, are a great introduction into the musical world for a band fresh out of high school.  It's an addicting little pop ditty, one that catches your ears and pulls you in to listen closely.  "Mr. Polite" is nothing new, experimental, or unheard; but it's the song that turns your head and makes you say, "I like this, who sings it?  Have I heard this before?"  It's fun and cheerful, making it difficult not to grow an adoration for it.  The band is also known for a great stage presence, so while they embark on a tour of the eastern Australian coast I'm sure they'll garner more and more acclaim.  Check out the single "Mr. Polite" below, where you can also download it for free from their Bandcamp.  Enjoy!

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