Monday, October 31, 2011

Twin Sister

One of the main things that has captivated me about Twin Sister is Andrea Estella's voice.  Whether it's intertwined in lo-fi harmony with    "Nectarine" or presented in a purer form like "Lady Daydream", she finds a way to mesmerize me. In Heaven, released on September 27th of this year, highlights her vocals beautifully.  While the band's first EPs show her off in a slower, dreamier format, the new album includes more electronic elements, helping display her range.  The record itself also shows a slight change in direction, achieving a more '80s tone.  It uses these elements to create a more laid-back, lounge feel instead of having a high-energy synth atmosphere.  The production on In Heaven is also key; it sounds very clean and crisp, making the whole arrangement sound smooth and glassed over.  Take a listen to "Daniel" and "Stop" from the record below.  Hope ya dig it!



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