Wednesday, November 2, 2011


L.A.'s Alekesam writes on their biography that their music is like "the sound of a state of mind".  This is fitting, considering their single "It's Not You, It's Here" is like a meandering drift of thought...a reflective demonstration of inner tension.  It's their first single from their upcoming album, coincidentally named It's Not You, It's Here.  The track is a laid-back crossroads incorporating elements from an array of music styles; intertwining pieces of hip-hop, jazz, blues, and R&B.  The vocals also take on a variety of moods, a times sounding at ease, while in other moments erupting into a shameless love-cry.  Similar to other songs, "It's Not You, It's Here" truly shines on a good pair of headphones, where each detail (including that awesome bass line) really reveals itself. Some of you may also recognize it from the TV show "Entourage", where it shows up on the 3rd episode on the most recent season.  I've posted the song on SoundCloud below, where Alekesam has also offered it up for a free download.  So take a listen and then snag it up.

You can get more info and check out any further updates over at Facebook.

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