Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sound and the Urgency

Sound and the Urgency's "White Kids", a spacious folktroncia ballad that's as dramatic as it catchy, has been stimulating interest amongst the webscape recently with it's mix of experimental "guitar-drenched electro pop" and heavy sentiment.  Yet upon hearing the remainder of the album, the self-titled Sound and the Urgency, I found that the Portland songwriter has even more to offer.  The 10-song record is loaded with ambition, striving to achieve a spectrum of moods that range from uptempo folk to emotional indie-rock, and as mentioned before, elements of folktronica.  At points it's even fair to say that many of the tracks carry country undertones.  It's most certainly a contemplative release, one which permeates a sense of feeling; sometimes there's anguish, sometimes anger, and at other times disappointment.  Below I've posted two songs from Sound and the Urgency, "Killing Communists With a Smile" and "Sound and the Urgency", both which also include a free download from Soundcloud.  If you like what you hear, you can also check out his Bandcamp to get the rest of the album or find more information at his Facebook.  Chhhhheeeccckkkk it.

 Killing communists with a smile by Sound and the Urgency

 Sound and the Urgency by Sound and the Urgency

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