Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jensen Sportag

Well, it turns out that my perception of Jensen Sportag has been completely misconstrued for the past couple of months.  Since I've started listening to the Pure Wet EP I carried this impression that Jensen Sportag was simply a name of the musician, a single person who was native to a Scandinavian country.  The music seemed to fit the bill too, for a lot of fantastic electronic influenced indie artists have been emerging from countries like Norway and Sweden lately.  This is why we should never assume; I found out recently that Jensen Sportag is actually a moniker for the duo of Austin Wilkinson and Benjamin Craig, and they're from Nashville, TN.  I'm pretty embarrassed by this.  Pure Wet was the first EP I fell in love with this year, and it was with me for a lot of my initial travels when studying abroad, providing a kind of theme that became pretty important to me.  Regardless, I'm pretty surprised that Pure Wet hasn't earned more attention since its February release earlier this year.  The 4-song collection pulls sounds from an array of domains; funk, synthpop, and jazz can all be thrown into the mix.  Soft lounge music isn't too wild of a description, and yet neither is a tamed form of techno or a subdued, mature Prince-like '80s style.  What's impressive is that despite all of these seemingly contrasting labels, the EP has a great flow and has the ability to remain unified under a common idea.  Ultimately, it's a listen that goes down oh so smooth. All right, enough writing.  Posted below is "Mapquest" and "Everything Good" from the Pure Wet EP.  If you like these, check out their Soundcloud to listen to the whole thing and their main homepage to listen to their "Wet Mix" and find out any addition info. Peace.

 Mapquest by Jensen Sportag

 Everything Good by Jensen Sportag

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