Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dress Rehearsal

Each of the members in Dress Rehearsal have experienced some degree of disappointment in recent months.  Other projects they've been involved in have included situations in which people have been "mentally cut off" from one another. Coming together, though, times seemed to have changed.  The four-piece group from Toronto have started to feel the click, and with this new found motivation released The Lazy River Road, which features "River Blue" and "Morning Grey", two songs debuting Dress Rehearsal's alternative folk-rock textures.  The release was marked as an attempt "to bridge the emotional gaps between happy and sad, calm and boisterous, while building genuine cathartic moments", and between the two tracks, the goal was accomplished quite successfully. Included in their repertoire is Covers a Hillside, which has two acoustic covers written by band member Kevin Graham, one of which is a "Scenic World" cover by Beirut, one of my favorite songs.  It's a wonderful take on the original with a way more chill and laid-back approach.  Below I've posted "River Blue" and the cover for your listening pleasure, and if you've never heard the original, check it out here.

Scenic World (Beirut Cover)

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