Friday, November 18, 2011

The Black Bull

His name is M. Perri, and he calls himself The Black Bull. The name is striking, a bold statement that exudes a confidence which isn't too arrogant.  Put simply, I get the impression that Perri is self-assured.  And why not? As a singer/songwriter, he has been able to put out three fantastic folk-driven tunes, all of which include an array of instruments from drums, guitar, and piano recorded solo (a feat I always find impressive).  It's also apparent that he isn't afraid to take risks, on the "The Great Unknown" Perri doesn't hesitate to reach a falsetto that one could only dream of trying.  As his main single, "The Great Unknown" serves as a theme to his journey into the music word.  "Steppin' into the great unknown..." is sung in repetition, and it might as well act as metaphor for his new album's release.  After all, in the music industry you never know what you're gonna get....but with such talent and a brilliant compilation of songs, whose to say it's not possible?  I've posted two of those songs below, "Faint Young Sun" and "The Great Unknown", so be sure to give those a listen.  If you dig em, head out to the ol' Soundcloud to listen to "Your Lips For Mine"; you can also download all of them for free.  What's not to love?

 Faint Young Sun by The Black Bull

 The Great Unknown by The Black Bull

See you all next week!

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