Friday, November 11, 2011


Artists such as Four Tet, The Field, and Pantha Du Prince pretty much make a living out of constructing beats.  Their songs are usually instrumental, and yet these guys are so talented that a full album can be carried just on grooves and rhythms alone.  A lot of the time, just the song name can give away the intended story that lyrics would have filled in, but with such skill, the excess words are not needed.
"She Just Likes To Fight" is a perfect example of an instrumental piece that exudes a narrative without even saying anything, it's understood just by the title.  Another band emerging with a similar formula for beat-making is Nouveaunoise, an Irish duo with a knack for creating organic electronica.  Last year's album, Paraphrase Accolade, falls into that category; it also carries a lot of influence from glitch hop, and in some instances jazz.  It's pretty cool, and definitely worth breezing through.  The best part is that it's offered as a free download!  I've posted "Goni" from Paraphrase Accolade below, and if you dig it be sure to grab the album at Bandcamp.  You can also view the entire thing at their Soundcloud.


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