Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Young Dreams

Since the Australian label Modular started a joint-venture with EMI in 1998, they've done a great job at recruiting an all-star roster. The list of bands involved include some of my favorites; Cut Copy, Tame Impala, Chromeo, and The Avalanches all call Modular home.  The newest signing is the huge Norwegian group called Young Dreams, a 12-person "collective" of indie pop practitioners.  The cool thing is that the band's roots go deep, and they derive their inspiration from a multitude of areas.  The original creator of Young Dreams, Matias Tellez, has been quoted as saying "I am a big fan of the harmonies and arrangements of the romantic period of classical music".  His inspirations also include Martin Denny (a lounge music pioneer) and Waldo de los Rios (an Argentine composer).  With these influences in mind, along with a large band, one can only imagine what's to come out.  The answer is the aptly named single "Young Dreams", a pop gem textured with minor synths and, of course, beautiful harmonies.  Gotta love the lyrics:  "Like sailors we set for the sea, we're restless, that's why we keep on moving, not empty, because of our young dreams".  Watch out for these guys!

 Young Dreams by Young Dreams

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