Monday, November 7, 2011

Future Islands

Future Islands doesn't make what you'd consider prototypical dance music.  To start, lead-singer Sam Herring's voice is atypical, deeper and raspier than the normal vocalist.  It's not techno either, instead presenting itself as slower and more brooding than the average club beat.  Yet, this year's On the Water still manages to include some heavy bass-lines with a surprising amount of head bopping material.  Thrown into somewhat of a "post-wave" genre, Future Islands utilizes a great deal of synthesizers with a fair number of uptempo rhythms.  To some degree it's "intelligent dance", with lyrics that explore emotionality instead of how many shots someone can take and cadences that promote tapping your feet rather than jumping around.  This isn't a bad thing at all, it just may not be what you're looking for at a bar or club; On the Water is simply more of a dance party in your head.  I've posted the songs "Balance" and "Before the Bridge" below, have a listen to see what you think.  Enjoy!


Before The Bridge

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