Friday, September 30, 2011

I Break Horses

It has only been a little more than a year since I've begun to understand the possibilities and revel in the beauty of shoegaze.  It can really be a mesmerizing genre, and like many styles of music over the course of time, artists make their small modifications to try and keep things fresh, interesting, and relevant.  Many of the founding shoegazers from the early '90s like Pale Saints, Slowdive, and Ride used heavy distortion and fuzzy textures to concoct dazzling sonic tidal waves, and it was incredible.  Now, with musical advancements and the rise of computers, artists have more and more options of playing around with electronics, something I Break Horses has gladly injected into the shoegaze formula with their album Hearts.  Released earlier this year, it covers all the bases for a shoegaze album; a multi-layered and lush blend of atmospheric qualities, and like many of it's kind, the singing withers into the background while powerful walls of sound take the front seat.  Helping carry much of these songs are ethereal synthesizers, giving the entire thing a dreamier vibe in contrast to My Bloody Valentine's grungy disposition.  It's a nice touch, and while it's no Loveless (well let's face it, nothing is), their delicately placed electronic supplements are a solid addition.  Not to mention, I am sucker for female vocals, and in this case Maria Lindén's voice is a fantastic complement to the surrounding melodies.  I've posted a few songs from the album below, so feel free to have a listen.  If you like 'em, you can find out more at their homepage.


Load Your Eyes


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