Friday, September 16, 2011

Dirty Gold

The first track, "North", off of Dirty Gold's 2011 EP Roar starts you off with a simple steel-drum and kick combination, bringing to mind an afro-Caribbean style.  Simple, exotic, fun.  This is much of the same formula that Vampire Weekend used when they were first becoming known, and it's the first thought that comes to mind when starting Roar.  Yet as the EP continues, we start to see the two bands differ.  Whereas both still utilize an atypical, foreign style, Dirty Gold is more subdued, instead becoming a breathe-easy alternative to Vampire's high tempo.  "California Sunrise" hones in this tone with a lazy guitar riff and hypnotic congo beat, slowly pulling the audience deeper into the EP.  It's a great reminder that you don't necessarily need a massive wall of sound to create something good, rather it's Roar's simplistic approach that draws you in.  It's a great debut release, and I'm excited to see what they do on future LPs.  I've posted two songs below, "California Sunrise" and "Overboard", so I hope you guys dig 'em.  And if you do, make sure to show them love over on their MySpace or Facebook.

California Sunrise


Have a great weekend everyone, see you all again on Monday!

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