Thursday, September 22, 2011


For quite some time now, M83 has been the master of his craft; producing '80s-synth inspired dream pop, which at times can mix in with something out of the early '90s shoegaze movement.  Anthony Gonzalez, who goes by M83, has a knack for attacking your ears with beautiful surges of sound.  I recently listened to his 2003 album Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts and I was utterly shocked at how he pulls off so many dense layers of electronics, it's absolutely insaannneeeee, which I mean in the best way possible.  You get so lost in his journey that the entire thing almost becomes one ambient whole. A similar pattern continued with 2008's Saturdays=Youth, only with a greater emphasis on vocals.  His releases are simply massive, and now we must wait until October 18th to have a listen to his 22-song double release.  That doesn't mean we can't get a taste though; he has already dropped "Midnight City", which is doing a good job of holding me over for the real thing.  Although the track was released quite some time ago, what I also wanted to post about was the Alcala remix my friend showed to me other day.  It's a faster, uptempo version of the original, which does a good job of retaining the heart of the song.  Both are fantastic.  Below I have posted the original (in case you haven't heard yet) as well as the remix, so take a look at both, and be sure to snag the free download of the remix from SoundCloud.

Midnight City

 M83 - Midnight City (Alcala Remix) by Alcala

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