Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dumbo Gets Mad

Since the release of Elephants At the Door earlier this year, I've been quite surprised about how little buzz Dumbo Gets Mad has received.  After first hearing about them when I was abroad, I haven't seen anything about them since.  As the band's debut LP, I was very impressed to see the band take such daring steps in their music, and I thought more people would've noticed. Elephants is a very psychedelic and experimental voyage, taking direct influence from the trip-enhancing music of the '60s and applying modern twists.  It's extremely creative and fresh, which I also figured would help the release garner more attention.  Moreover, they're able to touch on a wide variety of tones, from the sun-soaked summer anthems of "Plumy Tale" and "Electric Prawn" to the drum-driven chill track "Marmelade Kids", as well as a mix of both in "You Make You Feel", which features a fantastic horn section that seemingly jumps out of nowhere.  I've posted a few songs below for you to check out, so if you like 'em be sure to hit them up on MySpace.  You can also Like them on Facebook.

Plumy Tale

Marmelade Kids

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