Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kurt Vile

Kurt Vile is a musician that everyone loves, but just may not know it yet.  The unfortunate fact is that if you go around asking people if they've heard of him, they'd probably say no (sucks for them). Yet I can also say that I have never shown Vile to someone and have them say they don't like it.  I mean it, not a single person.  This shouldn't be surprising though, as this year's Smoke Ring For My Halo is an astonishingly brilliant record, one of my favorites in a long time.  I can just see myself digging into my crate of vinyl 20 years down the road and throwing on Smoke Ring to everyone's pleasure; it's timeless and universal, playing like 1960s acoustic singer/songwriters yet attracting a present day indie following.  The music isn't too intense or dark, but it's not boring and slow either, but somehow he manages to compile dense layers of beautiful guitar picking and standout drumming alongside personal, identifiable lyrics.  So why shouldn't someone like it a decade or two from now?  The same applies to Vile's new single "The Creature", which will appear on his upcoming EP So Outta Reach, due out November 8th of this year.  The track is mellow and relaxed, playing more like a "Runner Ups" instead of the raw "Puppet To the Man" or upbeat "Jesus Fever".  If the EP is anything like Some Ring For My Halo or Square Shells before that, it should be an absolute winner.  So take a listen to "The Creature" below, and also take notice of the awesome album cover.

The Creature

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