Monday, September 12, 2011

TV Girl

Last year, way back when, I wrote up a post on the Californian natives TV Girl and my excitement for a forthcoming EP.  Finally, that forthcoming EP is real, and it's called Benny and the Jetts.  It's a quick 4-song, 10 minute long compilation through sunshine indie pop, a niche that TV Girl have seemed to carve out well for themselves. During the end of the summer, I found myself cruising to the new EP constantly, and now with school starting it's done a good job having me hold on to the few precious warm days we have left.  The fast paced jangle ditties just may be the remedy for the onslaught of fall and winter. TV Girl also excels in another aspect, which is putting a happy spin on troubled relationships.  "She'll love you for an instant, but how quickly she forgets" is sung in "Benny and the Jetts", "we'll meet from time to time, but we'll soon find we have nothing to say" in "Your Own Religion", and even last year's "If You Want It (You've Got It)" tells the story of a hopeless romantic involved with a girl who takes advantage of him.  You would only find this heavy emotion lyrically, as their tone is instead bubbly and joyful, in a way telling their audience to fuck it and not worry, life goes on so enjoy it.  "We'll just 'hey, I don't like it', but I guess things happen that way" is sung in "Your Own Religion" to close out the EP, which just may be their way of bringing that comfort. It's that kind of positive energy that I have grown fond of in their music.  I've posted "Benny and the Jetts" and "Lizzy Come Back to Life" from this year's EP below.  If you like what you see, you can download the whole thing over on their Facebook fo' free.

Benny and the Jetts

Lizzy Come Back to Life

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