Thursday, October 7, 2010

TV Girl

Ahhhh California...the land of sun, waves, surfing, and big ass trees.  In parts of the state, California is basically a paradise.  Many people who think of California view it as a hub of relaxation and absolute beauty.  Therefore, I guess it would make sense that some of the best beach-bummin' music would come from bands who have lived there to experience it.  Sublime was from Long Beach, The Beach Boys were from Hawthorne, and The Grateful Dead from San Francisco.  That same style of sun-soaked music is what's coming from San Diego based TV Girl currently.  They're still unsigned to a label and have yet to come out with an EP (which is still forthcoming), but one of their tracks "If You Want It (You Got It)" has made its way onto the internet.  It's a pretty infectious song, and since it's relatively short, it's easy to play over and over and over.  I like to picture myself walking down Venice Beach, iPod in hand, listening to this song in a pair of worn out Sanuks.  Gotta love those Cali-vibes!  Check it out below:

If You Want It (You Got It)

Snag it up here if you want to download it.

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