Sunday, October 3, 2010


As much as I enjoy watching music videos, I've never considered it an essential part of my music experience.  Yet, every once in a while one comes up that completely floors me; a video that not only has killer music but has a visual appeal that seems to make the song even better.  Such was the case this summer when I was introduced to Blockhead (the solo project of Tony Simon), who is the well-respected hip-hop producer of Aesop Rock, a relatively popular rapper that started gaining underground prominence in the early 2000s.

Unlike Aesop Rock albums, Blockhead creates instrumental hip-hop.  The only vocals that are in his tracks are samples, nothing from him.  This has been the case since 2004 with the release of his album Music By Cavelight until the most recent release of The Music Scene in 2009.  It's the video from the title track of the most recent album that stuns me.  The song alone is absolutely fantastic, fusing together a mix of '60s psychedelic rock and modern hip-hop flawlessly.  What's even more impressive is how the music video complements the song.  They go together beautifully!  I recommend checking out the trippy, acid-induced video below:

Watching the video makes me extremely jealous that I'll never have the creative ability to make something like that.  It's quite a journey, and is open to much interpretation.  If you're curious and like what you've heard above, I have posted the songs "Which One of You Jerks Drank My Arnold Palmer" and "Tricky Turtle" from 2009's The Music Scene below for you to listen to.  If you like both, I have posted additional downloads here.  Hope everyone enjoys the remaining hours of the weekend!

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