Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Grand National

Late sophomore year, I went through an LCD Soundsystem resurgence with the impending release of This Is Happening.  The listening party I went through with LCD led me to explore more bands that had an atypical, upbeat, dance sound.  I was intrigued by LCD's abnormal technique; I have never danced so hard to a song like All My Friends where it literally sounds like someone is just jumping up and down on a piano.  James Murphy's ability to have something as chaotic like that sound incredible had me thinking, what else is out there that is unique and upbeat?  Throughout my search I found one of my favorite albums of all-time Thunder, Lightning, Strike by The Go! Team and another band that caught my attention called Grand National.  They are upbeat, and they most certainly are unique.  Instead of using a lively and colorful singing voice like James Murphy or Michael Angelakos (Passion Pit), the lead singer of Grand National subdues his voice, and in many cases sounds like he's whispering.  Also, they tend to stray away from the common synth use of most dance artists.  Although it makes for a peculiar sound, I find it incredibly catchy.  Unique is what I was looking for, and unique is what I got.  To get a sense of what I mean, I have posted the songs "Drink to Moving On" and "Coming Round" from their 2004 album Kicking the National Habit.

Drink to Moving On

Coming Round

You can download some more here.

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