Sunday, October 17, 2010

Beach Fossils/Houses

Three posts ago I mentioned the band Beach Fossils when talking about Craft Spells.  Since the post is relatively recent, I figured it would be appropriate to mention the new single that they released earlier this week.  For anyone who didn't listen to the song I posted by them, Beach Fossils is a trio that channels the summery lo-fi genre, utilizing fuzzy guitars and echoed vocals that bring you back to the sandy beach days of July.  On May 25th of this year, just in time for summer, Beach Fossils released their debut album with very positive results.  Well, earlier this week Beach Fossils finally released new material; a single which includes the songs "Face It" and "Distance".  They seem to have toned down the far out echoey singing, perhaps trying to appeal to a larger range of listeners.  This release makes me very excited for their future, it's a brilliant continuation of what they were doing in their initial album release.

Earlier in October I also wrote about the band Houses and their uplifting path to internet recognition and potential success.  They, too, have released a new single called "Reds" from their upcoming debut album All Night.  It's more upbeat than their previous two songs "Endless Spring" and "Soak It Up", but is still dreamy enough to remind you of the calm nature of Hawaii (where they recorded the album).  I think the song's strong point, though, is the lyrics, which accentuates the island feel and strong bond between the boyfriend/girlfriend romantic!  Overall, it's a beautifully crafted song, and its addition to "Soak It Up" and "Endless Spring" is getting me pumped for the album.

I have posted the three songs, "Face It"/"Distance" by Beach Fossils and "Reds" by Houses below.

Face It



You can download the songs here.

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