Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Zombies

Most people know of The Zombies because of their song "Time Of the Season".  Why not?  It's a pretty memorable and remarkable track.  But the fact of the matter is that the true Zombies sound is vastly different, and I didn't realize this until I listened to their album Odessey and Oracle.  Their real voice is a psych-folk, sunshine popish, summer of the '60s type that I am sure would dispatch a wave of nostalgia over my father.  It's pretty shocking how the rest of the album is completely overlooked.

It's possible that this is due to similar reasoning than that of Belle and Sebastian.  As I wrote yesterday, Belle and Sebastian is a band whose music didn't come to prominence until later on in their career.  While Belle and Sebastian only released an album in 1996, The Zombies released Odessey and Oracle in 1968, taking much longer to become recognized.  Even though their first album The Zombies experienced moderate success, Odessey and Oracle did so poorly upon its release that the group actually disbanded, not regrouping and making another album until 1991.  Even the August 1968 release of the single "Time of the Season" didn't make it on the UK or US chart.  It wasn't until the 2nd issue of "Time of the Season" two months later that it became a nationwide hit, and eventually, an oldies classic.  I have to wonder, what if the band stayed together?  Could they have followed up on their hit song to help solidify their legacy?  We'll never know.  I guess we should just be happy that we have Odessey and Oracle to listen to.

If you're a fan of "Time of the Season", you'll immediately be able to distinguish the contrast between that song and the ones I have posted below.  While "Time Of the Season" is a broody sex-cry for the horny remnants of the Summer of Love (and an awesome song), tracks like "This Will Be Our Year" take a different viewpoint, instead talking about the warmth of prolonged love and waiting for the right person.  "Brief Candles" also hints at love and is about a break-up that seemingly needed to happen despite the fact that they cared for each other.  A little different than seduction and an easy lay, eh?

If you enjoy '60s psychedelic pop full of harpsichord, The Zombies are right up your alley.  Below I have posted "This Will Be Our Year" and "Care of Cell 44" from Odessey and Oracle.  Hope you guys dig it.

This Will Be Our Year

Care of Cell 44

If you like what you heard, there is more here.

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