Monday, October 4, 2010

Belle and Sebastian

It's almost here!  The masters of twee pop Belle and Sebastian have the UK release of their new album in only a week (October 11th)!  The countdown has been long and arduous so far, but with only seven days left I feel like I can finally begin to purge my excitement.  Much like Nick Drake and The Velvet Underground, Belle and Sebastian's musical aptitude wasn't distinguished until later in their career.  Their 1996 album Tigermilk initially released a mere 1,000 copies while the next album If You're Feeling Sinister earned a peak chart position of #191 in the UK, not even making the charts in the United States.  That's not very impressive for two albums that are considered some of the best of all-time, helping to revolutionize the twee pop genre.  But alas, Belle and Sebastian are past cult status and are now widely acknowledged as one of the most talented bands out there; since 1996 they've had a steady release of high quality albums.  If they practice consistency on this album, it should be a good treat for 2010.  Below I have posted a few songs from the earlier Belle and Sebastian days that I hope will get you energized for the new album.  And remember, mark your calendars for October 11th!

Sleep the Clock Around

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying

Like Dylan In the Movies

She's Losing It

You can download a Belle and Sebastian mix here.

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