Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Summer Camp

Pretty much everything the boy and girl duo Summer Camp does tries to instill some kind of nostalgia.  All you need to do is look at their marketing photos, which have a washed out Polaroid look, or the album cover of their 2010 EP Young, which displays something like a late-1970s prom scene. This sets up their music pretty ideally, which is definitely influenced from a few decades back.  Much of the music they make contains a bass-heavy 80s touch, tinged with new wave dream elements.  Some of the stuff they make can even be referred to as chillwave (such as last year's Round the Moon).  Yet with the release of "Better Off Without You", a single from their upcoming album Welcome to Condale, it looks like they're going after the former.  Instead of a hazier dream pop, the song is carried with a driving bass-line touched off with edgier and more piercing synths.  This is also true for "Probably Right", which was released alongside "Better Off Without You" (but doesn't show up on the Condale tracklist).  Another thing I like from both songs are the gorgeous female vocals from Elizabeth Sankey, who really has seemed to grow into a fantastic singer; the dynamic formed between her soft voice and the bumping bass sounds quite fantastic.  Check out both songs below, and watch out for Welcome to Condale on November 8th.

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