Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Peaking Lights

The husband and wife duo of Peaking Lights are from Wisconsin, but their music would suggest something else entirely.  Instead, this year's LP release of 936 is a collection of warm, bass-driven psychedelia...delivering more of a tropical atmosphere than a cold winter in the northern states.  Perhaps this is because they utilize echoic vocals backed by repeating drum loops, something that ultimately ends up sound like dub; a style of reggae that finds its cultural origins in Jamaica. With that said, the overall tone of the album is probably what you'd expect, laid-back with an intention to just chillllll.  With an average song length of 6 minutes, Peaking Lights allows you to get lost in each track, lulling you into a trance.  The layering of synths, bass, and guitar give a dreamy sense of surrealism, everything seems to sound like it's in slow motion.  To see what I mean, I've posted a few songs from 936 below, starting with one of the shorter songs "Key Sparrow".  Hope ya'll dig it!

Key Sparrow

All the Sun That Shines

Tiger Eyes (Laid Back)

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