Friday, July 6, 2012

Borgeous & Club Life

One of things I try to do if given the chance is post a dance track on the blog before the weekend.  This way you can have an extra song to throw on your playlist for parties, pregames, or whatever the likes may be that make up your weekends.  I was given this opportunity today when I received an original mix of "It's You" by Borgeous & Club Life feat. Sophie Leonard.  As I am sure you would expect, it is an uptempo banger, dressed up in fist-pumping synths and topped off with an addictive little backbeat.  Not to mention, I'm a sucker for dance-tracks like this that feature female vocals.  In this case, Sophie Leonard fits the bill quite well.  I've posted a stream of it below, and luckily they offer it for a free download over on their SoundCloud.  Have a great weekend everyone, live it up!

 Borgeous & Club Life Ft. Sophie Leonard - It's You (Original Mix) by Borgeous Beats

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