Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Stars Are Projectors

Sometimes it takes a fine wine several years to mature and reach its maximum taste potential.  In the same light, sometimes it takes songs longer than the average 3 or 4 minutes to reveal a true meaning or point.  On this year's Wavelengths, the San Francisco band Stars Are Projectors recognize the patience in developing and building a song.  A majority of the songs on their new record extend beyond the 5-minute mark, allowing a sprawling landscape of ideas and styles.  Also in a lot of these longer tracks we see changes in tone, which at times seem to separate into two different songs.  This works well for a band that specializes in a predominantly post-rock technique, a genre which rarely sees any song under 4 minutes.  Within the 55-minute span of Wavelengths there is an abundance of treats hidden within the expanse; fantastically written guitar riffs, well-established atmospheres, and spot on production.  I've posted a shorter song in "Know My Name" below, but I've also included the longer "Two Days", which exemplifies their musical adventure.  You can download the album for free over here at Bandcamp.  More streaming and downloading available at SoundCloud.  Go pick it up!

 Know My Name by Stars Are Projectors

 Two Days by Stars Are Projectors

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  1. Just wanna let y'all know that this is a really nice review. We looked at it and went "OH MAN THEY GET IT DUDE THEY GET IT"

    so thanks!