Friday, December 16, 2011

Terracotta Blue

Let's switch it up to a little bit of chillwave, shall we?  I figured I might as well try and give something a little more calming to unwind the nerves of those who just their finished finals week. Unless you're me of course and have a huge accounting exam on a Saturday.  Awesome!  Enjoy your Friday night, world! Either way, whether you're free from the shackles of education or not, I present to you Terracotta Blue, an electronic-based solo artist from Maryland.  Three days ago he released a new single over on Bandcamp with the songs "Arcade" and "Healer", both are high quality jams with a stark contrast in their mood.  "Arcade" is the more intense of the two, forceful and commanding with a peaceful subconscious.  "Healer" on the other hand is way more of the chillwave breed with tranquil, Oriental undertones and a well-placed sample of Japanese metal band HeavensDust.  The end product is pretty neat, forming to create a style of chillwave that's a little off the beaten path. I suppose you could throw downtempo and trip-hop into the mix of genres, which allows for a pleasing fusion of ideas.  It's tough to pick which song to put up, but I'll have to go with the easygoing "Healer".  Of course, if you're interested in hearing the other or downloading both, hit up the ol' Bandcamp for your daily dose of free downloads.  Happy Friday everyone!  I'm jealous of you all....

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