Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Russian Apartments

Earlier in January, Mike Caulfield (who goes under the name The Russian Apartments) released his full length album The Last Last You.  The release showcased Caulfield's appreciation for '80s music, never straying away from cascading synths or manufactured string sections.  Not all is bright and cheery, though, many of his songs carry a darker resonance muddled under a thin layer of gloom.  Within his songs there are slight interludes, breathers in a way, that allow him to speak his mind.  These thoughts are enveloped by adorning instrumentation, magnificent electronics lavishly fabricated to move the listener from idea to idea.  This contrast between the murky and enchanted allows for an interesting listen, a kind of intensity that gets better and better with each spin.  Earlier this week, Caulfield sent over his new video for "Gods", the second track off of The Last Last You.  I've posted the video below, as well as his more recent "Summer Rails" single to demonstrate some of his range.  Take a look or listen below, then head over to the ever-reliable Bandcamp for some downloads he has put up for free.  Enjoy!

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