Wednesday, December 14, 2011


On November 14th of this year, the London based co-ed duo Elephant released their Assembly EP.  I am pretty bummed I didn't catch wind of it sooner, it would've made for some great listening over the past month.  But considering it's December 14th now, I guess it's appropriate to give a shout out to Elephant today on the release's one month anniversary and celebrate the fact I can hear Assembly from here on out.  A reason for its draw is Amelia Rivas's inviting ethereal vocals, which for me is a big plus.  I am sucker for beautiful girl voices, and her smooth delivery works perfect with the synth-driven EP.  Behind each song is Elephant's philosophy, which states: "Songwriting and documentation should only be accomplished by the turn of the night, and should never leave the comfort and safety of the bedroom".  Sexual?  I don't know, but either way Elephant accomplish a warm atmosphere in their songs that does indeed sound comforting.  Check out "Assembly" below, and then head over to Bandcamp to grab to EP free o' charge. Peaaccceeee.

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  1. Nice find :) very catchy.
    Good blog btw, really enjoy the visits, keep it up!