Thursday, December 22, 2011


A few days ago, beat maker Roku sent over his Music for Misfits album for a listen.  It's an ambitious project, a release consisting of 24 tracks which also includes three bonus songs.  Some of these are brief skits and interludes barely eclipsing the minute mark, but many are full-blow jams.  In this time, Roku packs tons of jazz-influenced, hip-hop instrumentals into a singular package that brings to mind J Dilla's Donuts.  In many of Roku's Facebook photos, he's pictured digging through crates and testing records to find the perfect mix for a beat, as well as a picture with his most "prized possession" as a musician...Illmatic on vinyl (seen above).  In this fashion, he's similar to J Dilla and all others of that genre like The Avalanches or DJ Shadow, and in his own fashion he fiddles with a magnificently constructed laid-back prowess, an open ended invitation to sit back and chill.  There a few highlights below, but you can hit up Bandcamp for the entire Music for Misfits as a free download.  Check it!

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