Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Work Drugs

Exactly 360 days ago, the glo-fi outfit Work Drugs sent me their debut single "Third Wave" to put on the blog.  Since that time, the band has grown way beyond the boundaries of Audio Splash into a much, much greater realm.  With months of hard work and an assortment of new material, their popularity has grown tremendously.  From a music fan's standpoint, their continuing success has been fantastic to witness.  So in the past year, what have Work Drugs been up to you may ask?  They released the EPs Tropic of Capricorn and Tropic of Cancer in support of their tour with Two Door Cinema Club, adopted some songs from the EPs to develop their first full length album Summer Blood, and also released their second LP Aurora Lies in the beginning of November. They also had shows at the WXPN World Cafe, the Trocadero, and the Popped Festival Pre-Party while opening for the likes of Memoryhouse and Peter, Bjorn & John. What's more is that they're working on yet another album over the winter and are currently planning an east coast tour for spring.  Well alllll righty then.  They're certainly not a lazy bunch!  And now, as a one year anniversary for when "Third Wave" first dropped, Work Drugs has been kind enough to send me the exclusive for their new track "Dirty Dreams".  The song is a collaboration with another up-and-coming Philadelphia artist Dylan Sieh (aka Tours), whose undeniably catchy and dreamy instrumentation became the basis for "Dirty Dreams".  The pairing is a perfect match, for Sieh's shimmering foundation creates a magnificent platform for which Work Drugs can experiment with new sounds and textures.  The result is simply awesome.  Be sure to take a listen to the brand new song "Dirty Dreams" below (which they also offer as a free download), and afterwards you can get a hold of their other work at their Bandcamp and catch any updates on their homepage. Facebook or Soundcloud work, too.  Hope you all enjoy it, and a special thanks to Work Drugs for sending over the song early!

  Dirty Dreams by Work Drugs