Friday, December 30, 2011

Frank Ocean

For months and months I've done something incredibly stupid...I have been completely dismissing Frank Ocean.  You see, I am not a fan of the rap ensemble Odd Future in the least.  More specifically, I cannot stand Tyler, The Creator (the group's founding member).  I congratulate him on his blossoming success, but I just don't get it.  Not a fan at all. So when I first heard Frank Ocean, another Odd Future participant, had released a mixtape, not a fiber in my body had a desire to listen to it.  Fast forward to three weeks ago...I am sitting on my computer browsing through a few "Top 2011" lists and Frank Ocean's Nostalgia, Ultra. is on just about every single one.  Curiosity eventually wins me over, and I give it a shot.  This proved to be a marvelous decision.  I couldn't stop listening to it; with this album, Frank Ocean put something together entirely different than I was expecting.  Nostalgia steers clear of any "horrorcore" label, and actually is way more of an R&B compilation than one consisting of rap.  Ocean does a great job of exhibiting his voice, flexing his vocal muscles over smooth, confident beats and (at times) remixes of several pop hits like MGMT's "Electric Feel" or Coldplay's "Strawberry Swing".  What adds to the brilliance is Ocean's delivery, laid-back and cool, giving him a reputable swag.  Despite this, he is also brutally honest lyrically, never afraid to sing about his own heartbreak or childhood memories, a seeming rarity amongst modern day rappers who are too caught up in drugs or money.  Nostalgia, Ultra. not only brings something new to the table, but offers up a refreshing listen with addicting hooks, catchy choruses, and a heavy dose of creativity.  The best part?  Frank Ocean has offered it up as a free mixtape.  You can pick it up over here, but catch a few tracks below. Enjoy!

Swim Good

Songs For Women


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