Monday, December 19, 2011


In the spirit of the all the end-of-the-year hubbub going on throughout the internet, I'd like to acquaint you with the young Australian band called Twerps.  Following an EP in 2009, the group released the self-titled LP Twerps earlier in October, an album which has flown completely under the radar. It marks a period of growth for the quartet, who have refined their pop tendencies to an addicting combination of jangle-guitar technique and lo-fi aesthetic.  A certain confidence is also on display; lead vocalist Marty Frawley's nerdy delivery complements the unabashed name "Twerps" without fear, and lyrics containing instances of youthful (at times straining) experiences are compiled with troubles of young love.  While there is a degree of melancholy that speaks from the guitar, there is never a feeling of overwhelming sadness.  Instead, Frawley's off-kilter wails lift us up from depths and show us all there is to enjoy in adolescence and start-up adulthood.  It's almost as if Frawley is saying "yea, life can be tough, but so what?"  All of this is beautifully constructed into a smooth, rewarding listen that goes down easy; nothing on Twerps is overly complicated, for its candor and simplicity make it accessible to just about everyone.  It hasn't gotten the credit it deserves.  I've posted some of my favorites from the album below, if you like what you hear you can always hit up Chapter Music to find out more.

Through the Day

Who Are You

Bring Me Down

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