Monday, December 12, 2011

Summer Fiction

Many of the songs conceived by Bill Ricchini were done walking on the streets Philadelphia, usually heading home from the Tasker/Morris stop he'd regularly take.  En route, he would hum some melodies in his head and try to hang on to the particular arrangements to record when he returned.  Listening to Ricchini's work as the lead singer/songwriter for Summer Fiction, this method of creating those melodies only seems appropriate.  The self-titled debut album, Summer Fiction, is a light and jangly form of folk, harnessing inspiration from styles of '60s baroque pop.  For example, one of the instruments he uses to great effect is the harpsichord, a tool utilized frequently by such bands as The Zombies, The Beach Boys, and The Kinks to generate the happy, sunshine-injected ditties that made them popular in the first place.  These are the simple and relatable tunes that make it easy to stroll down a street and whistle...or hum.  In essence, Summer Fiction is a welcomed homage to what made music so great back then.  Check out some of the songs below, and then hit up the ol' Bandcamp for some downloads.  His homepage also has a lot of great updates, too.  Hope ya'll dig it!

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