Friday, December 9, 2011

Turn To Crime

The first 7 seconds of Turn To Crime's "I Can't Love" features a coarse drum section reminiscent of a brash lo-fi recording in someone's garage, a rugged style which may be tough to swallow for some people.  Therein lies the brilliance of the song, though; what initially may come across as harsh is effortlessly smoothed out with a definite bass-line, silky guitar riff, and clear vocals.  The raw drum sound becomes so absorbed with everything else that it fades into the song's subconscious, and you'll never realize that it continued for the entirety of the track.  Yet, the role of the percussion is key here, for it adds the necessary texture to tie the pieces together and give the song its character.  It paves the way for the ensuing instrumentation, ushering in the forthcoming haze.  In a way it reminds me of how the piano functions in LCD's "All My Friends".  What's also cool is how Turn To Crime mixes his songs to VHS, creating a "distinct sonic atmosphere and style" which aids in the fuzziness.  With these arrangements, "I Can't Love" finds itself nearing the label of psychedelic.  The effect has come with success, Turn To Crime has supported such acts like Zola Jesus, John Maus, and the influential '90s alt-rock band Sebadoh. Take a listen below, with a free download here.  Further downloads can be found at Bandcamp, where he's just released an album at the end of November.  Happy weekends everybody!

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