Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Toro Y Moi

Chaz Bundick of Toro Y Moi and Les Sins has easily become one of my favorite artists in recent months; and he keeps on impressing me more and more.  My love for his music all started with his 2010 album Causers Of This, and while I enjoyed it thoroughly, I found a majority of the album to be bit too glitchy for my liking...at times a bit messy and overdone.  Moreover, I found it to lack diversity as a whole.  So far from what I've heard of Underneath the Pine, it seems as though his music has advanced immensely.  He has cleaned up his music and refined his style, experimenting with new funk riffs and catchy bass lines that appeal to a larger audience while still managing to establish his distinct Toro Y Moi character.  The new songs aren't overproduced either, instead being remarkably simpler, yet still show a certain deepness and care into each little part of the track.  The result is something smooth and also fetching; a beat you can dance to or chill to.  If he continues on a path of such flexibility in his new album, I am sure the result will be out of this world.  It's definitely up there with my most anticipated releases.  If you haven't heard it yet, I've posted the song "Still Sound" below, which is his first single released from the new Underneath the Pine.  I've also posted a "Still Sound" remix sent to me by Knight Stalker today, which is a quicker and even more upbeat version of the song.  Finally, I've posted "New Beat", his second single from Underneath the Pine, which was released yesterday.  Hope ya'll like the new stuff, and get pumped for February 22nd when his new album drops!!

Still Sound

Still Sound (Knight Stalker Remix)

New Beat

If you wanna check out more stuff Knight Stalker, you can check out their Bandcamp or MySpace.

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